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Be Careful with My Heart was an 2012 Philippine daytime television drama series. It premiered in the ABS-CBN PrimeTanghali afternoon slot on the 9th of July in 2012. It was aired on the same channel, Showtime on November 28 in 2014. It was also broadcast on The Filipino Channel worldwide. Jodi Sta was the star of the show. Maria as well as Richard Yap.

Erwin Santiago co-wrote the song “Be careful With My Heart” and it was released in 1999. Although initially it was slated to be the second single, Pinoy Ako it never released. This duet was included in Ricky Martin’s 2001 “Best of” album. The message is simple but important. The song is great about mental health. You can check out the video to find out more. It’s the perfect summer tune.

“Be careful with my heart” is an uplifting track about the dangers of a relationship. The Canadian singer-songwriter has released the track as the single to debut the upcoming album, ‘Melanie. The song is a tribute to the memory of a beloved one who died. The song was written by Steve Albee, Ricky Martin and features a delicious guitar lead and groovy bottom line.

The simple message of the song is the reason it’s appealing to listeners. The music video is a powerful message about mental health. The song’s simplicity and emotional depth is enhanced by a slick bass line and an enthralling guitar lead. M ELANIE? M ELANIE is a Toronto-based artist and Pinoy Channel mental health advocate. The radio smash Be Careful with My Heart by Erwin Santiago is now a huge hit.

“Be careful with My Heart” is a powerful track about friendship’s strength. The lyrics are straightforward and Be Careful With My Heart uplifting and the music video equally powerful. It’s clear why the song is a hit with both of the artists. Positive messages such as “Be Careful with Myself” are a hallmark of the artist. She has a message that is worth spreading and her new video is a wonderful example of that.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster. The lyrics urge that we should be open-minded and Pinoy ako keep our eyes open. The video highlights the lyrics with a stunning beauty. M ELANIE? Her latest video is a powerful message on mental health. She’s a Canadian artist, who is also a proponent of mental health. A song like this can offer a lot. Be careful. It’s worth listening to it.

This powerful song is ideal for advocates of mental health. It is also available on M ELANIE. ‘s social media channels that include Twitter and Facebook. The video also appears on her YouTube channel. The song “Be careful with my heart” is ideal for Pinoy Ako an album that is about mental health. The lyrics are easy but efficient. A great song for advocates of mental health. A heart that is loving is more gorgeous than one that doesn’t know how to love.

Simple lyrics like these will delight you. This is an emotional rollercoaster that is perfect for people who are mental health professionals. It is a powerful song that can be used to convey your feelings. The lyrics are simple enough that anyone can understand them. It’s also upbeat and Pinoy Ako optimistic. Be careful with my heart is the perfect song for the young love of your life.

The track has a powerful message. It’s not only an entertaining tune, Ang Probinsyano but it’s also an emotional track that is designed to raise awareness of mental health. The video was recorded in the Philippines and the lyrics are available in English as well. A link to the YouTube song is available on the singer’s Instagram. You can find the lyrics of Be Careful With My Heart on YouTube.

Although I don’t like pop songs however, the lyrics and general feeling of the track are something I like. Eric Alper’s music is soothing and upbeat, and it evokes emotion. This song is a great option for Valentine’s Day. This track’s cover is quite gorgeous and provides a nice introduction to the story of the author. Its title is an anthem.

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