With the help of my trusty roommate Zach, I’ve been combing through secondhand video stores and thrift store bargain bins for years now in pursuit of the most fascinating film fails I can find. I’m not planning on stopping my search anytime soon, so expect updates to this post if I find any new gems. The gems among this craptacular crop of films all share the same tragicomic sincerity and lack of awareness, and they’re typically torpedoed by horrible artistic choices, simple inexperience or a plain ol’ lack of talent. In the meantime, feel free to share any recommendations for my watchlist in the comments section. Here’s how to turn your phone into a webcam for free. The mainstream industry has been hit not only through piracy and free content, but people choosing to pay to watch live sex acts over the internet. Fifteen Million Merits sends up talent shows and the people who obsess over them. Pornhub (SFW, yes really) alone “averaged 81 million visitors per day (28.5 billion visitors for the year) in 2017, with 24.7 billion searches

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But perplexing performances from the leads — including an aging, tater-tot-loving, blue-haired detective who dresses like a punk teenager from 1993 — will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish. Performances are also almost totally unregulated, especially if the performance if live. Teigen keeps things lively with celebrity guests and banter with her “bailiff” mom, but your mileage for this show may vary based on your appreciation of the host – the cases are decidedly frivolous, and some are more interesting than others. I’m not too familiar with philosophy myself, but I’m sure someone smarter than me could give this show a deserving analysis. For Duncan, a PhD student at Britain’s Bristol University, who did not want to give his surname, the apps are one way of keeping the community spirit alive. Now, these are the key strategies for you to get dates on WhatsApp. What do you get when you mix a Gulf Coast oil spill, a dash of toxic waste, and a bunch of dead dudes? Apparently, you get one of the strangest and shoddiest movies I’ve ever forced myself to watch (and toxic zombies, obviously). We’re well stocked with VHS titles at this point — so, last year, we turned to our motley mix of streaming services to see what the selection is like online

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