It’s been a long time since GMA Pinoy TV launched their new logo, but it’s been around for a long time. The logo is made from the colors of the Philippines red, yellow, and Blue. The slogan was created to show that the staff members of the network should be proud and 24 Oras happy about their work. And this is also true for their viewers who are enthralled by the channel’s shows and dramas.

The original logo of Pinoy TV was located in the upper left or Ang Probinsyano right corner of the logo of the channel. However, it was relocated to the current position in 2007 in the lower right corner. The new logo was launched in 2011 and fans were delighted by the more vibrant and 24 oras bright version. Some people were not pleased with the new logo . They complained that it was not located in the top right corner. Because they were familiar with the old logo they were confused.

The old pinoy TV logo was positioned on the right or left corner of the logo. However, in 2007 it was moved to its current position, that is in the upper right corner. The new version of the pinoy Tv logo was well-loved by the viewers. Pinoy Tv is now a well-known channel worldwide thanks to its updated logo. It’s more vibrant and modern than ever before.

The logo of GMA Pinoy TV was introduced for the first time in Japan in March 2005. It later launched in the United States and spread to various parts of the nation. In July 2016 the channel was on in the entire US. The channel was later launched in Japan as well as the UK. Due to the increasing popularity of Pinoy television the channel was soon launched in Japan as well as America. Today, Pinoy Tv Shows it is accessible worldwide. The logo even has a slogan.

The Pinoy TV logo was often put on the upper left and right corner. Prior to 2007, the Pinoy TV logo was often visible in the upper right corner however, the logo has since been relocated to the left and upper corner. Since it’s easier to see and easier to spot, the new position was well received by viewers. The more modern the TV, 24 Oras the more likely to be on the top. The latest image is also appealing to the viewers more.

The Pinoy TV logo was revealed for the first time in Japan and in the USA. The initial position was in the upper left corner however, it later was relocated into the upper right corner. In 2007, the Pinoy Tv logo was changed to a brighter one, which was welcomed by the viewers. The logo was situated in the lower left corner. It was only in the United States that the logo was changed. The new look is more appealing to people who love to watch Filipino television shows.

The Pinoy TV logo was initially located in the upper right and left corners. In 2007, however the logo was moved to the upper right corner. It is now much easier to see. In 2011, the logo was updated to a larger one. Many Filipinos immediately recognized the new look and welcomed it. The Philippines has established the Philippines brand as an emblem of national significance. Its slogan is “The Philippines is in Asia’.

The GMA Pinoy logo is brighter and more pleasing to the eye. The logo was initially placed on the upper right corner of the television. Then, it was moved to the left-hand corner of the TV in 2007. At the time of the launch of the GMA Pinoy TV in the USA the company’s logo was placed in the upper right corner. The logo of the company has changed in the U.S. in 2007, and the UK in 2013.

The brand’s new logo for Pinoy TV is more attractive and is more prominent. The initial logo was located in the upper right corner. It was eventually settled on the right-hand side in the year 2007. It has since changed to the more bright version. Fans welcomed the change in the logo. It’s now the most watched TV channel in the Philippines. The slogan of the show is “The Philippines loves the world!” It is possible to watch the whole show online if are a huge fan.

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