A Ghost immobiliser is a mechanism that stops your car’s engine from to start. It can be easily fitted to any vehicle because it is based on an CAN network. It’s a compact, weatherproof design that thieves won’t be able to detect. There’s no need to worry about your car being taken away.

Like other immobilisers Ghost isn’t able to transmit signals to the outside world, and therefore it can’t be tampered with by thieves. The Ghost also isn’t compatible with key-fobs or LED indicators, so thieves will not be able to replicate the code. Ghost lets you set a personal PIN code using the buttons on your dashboard, steering wheel and centre console. This stops anyone from creating duplicate keys or ghost immobiliser near me changing the system’s programming.

The Ghost immobiliser, a cutting-edge technological advancement in immobilisation is now available. The Key Lab device is connected to the CAN bus data network an automobile to stop illegal key cloning or the Key lab hacking. Once installed, it prevents the vehicle from driving until a certain code has been entered. The system will stop the car from being moved once the code has been entered. The system also blocks car thieves from stealing your valuables.

Ghost communicates with your car’s ECU unit using buttons, which is different than other systems for immobilisation. If you do not enter a PIN number the car won’t be able to start. The Ghost immobiliser stops thieves from stealing expensive metal. If your vehicle is equipped with a faulty key it is certain that it won’t start. Apart from the advantages of immobilisers and advantages, a Ghost car tracker can help you locate your stolen vehicle it is an excellent method to secure your precious metal.

Ghost communicates with your car’s ECU unit. It operates invisibly and doesn’t reveal the location of your car. This feature is very important because it negates the need for key cloning as well as ECU swapping. You can select either the ECU Cloning or Ghost service that is an additional benefit. Installation is easy and cost-effective. You won’t ever have to pay again for key cloning or immobilisation services.

Ghost immobilisers work together with the vehicle’s ECU unit to stop theft. Its CAN bus capability makes it ideal for ghost immobiliser cost vehicles that are not protected by a lock. The Ghost II CAN bus is compatible with the Ghost II. This is the first aftermarket immobiliser for CANbus that is linked to the International Security Register. It’s simple to set up and can be used on all vehicles.

Ghost immobilisers are hard to overcome. It’s the most effective form of security for vehicles, and it cannot be physically removed. This is a fantastic option for people who have an expensive car. Ghost immobilisers are able to protect valuable belongings and prevent theft. The best method to select a Ghost is to choose the model that suits your needs. The autowatch system isn’t simple to disable.

The Ghost is the first can bus immobiliser that is sold aftermarket. It communicates with the vehicle’s CANbus and is able to communicate with its ECU unit. It also stops cloning of keys and ECU swapping. It all you need is your personal code. Ghost Ghost is the perfect solution for your requirements regardless of whether you require your vehicle to be affixed and not traceable. It is also easily identifiable.

The Ghost is a weatherproof, small immobilizer that is utilized with your car’s ECU unit. The CAN bus data network has low risk and is extremely unlikely to be identified. The unique reset code allows you to start your vehicle with no requirement for an PIN code. It’s also easy to install and remove. It is equipped with an CAN bus that permits it to be put virtually everywhere.

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